School Lunches

Our school lunches are cooked on site and are of a very high standard using locally sourced ingredients.

There are at least three options of meals to choose from each day including vegetables, fresh fruit and salad therefore providing a balanced diet for the children.

We provide Halal food every Wednesday.

If your child is entitled to, or you think they are entitled to free school meals then please contact the school office.

Most of you will be aware that schools are facing significant cuts to their budgets and this is likely to result in a reduction of funding. In order to get the money that Deansbrook School is entitled to, we ask that parents who qualify for Free School Meals (FMS) apply for them even if they do not wish to take them up.

Cost of School Meals - £2.30 per day

£11.50 per week

£437.00 for this academic year


1st half of Autumn Term 2021 - £85.10

2nd half of Autumn Term 2021 - £78.20

Total for Autumn Term 2021 - £163.30


1st half of Spring Term 2022 - £64.40

2nd half of Spring Term 2022 - £69.00

Total for Spring Term 2022 - £133.40


1st half of Summer Term 2022 - £64.40

2nd half of Summer Term 2022 - £75.90

Total for Summer Term 2022 - £140.30


Here is a link to our catering company - AIP (Alliance in Partnership)