Religious Education & Collective Worship

At Deansbrook, children are taught to understand and respect all diverse faiths and religions practised around the world. The National Curriculum guidelines are followed to ensure progression, and also for the act of Collective Worship.

There are opportunities for children to visit places of worship; also visitors representing various religions are invited to share their knowledge and to see that their values and beliefs are respected.

The following topics are studied throughout the year:

Year 3

Jewish Celebrations   What is the Bible and why is it important to Christians?   Sikh Rites of Passage

Judaism Knowledge Mat

Christianity Knowledge Mat

Sikhism Knowledge Mat

Year 4

Islamic Rites of Passage   Why is Easter important to Christians?  Belonging and Identity

Islam Knowledge Mat

Christianity Knowledge Mat

Year 5

Buddhist Worship and Beliefs   Stories of Hinduism   Belief in Our Community

Buddhism Knowledge Mat

Hinduism Knowledge Mat

Year 6

What is a Church?   Sikh Worship and Community   What happens when we die?

Christianity Knowledge Mat

Sikhism Knowledge Mat