Mathematics is taught daily as outlined in the school policy; it reflects the importance of the subject within the National Curriculum and in the wider world.

The areas of using and applying Mathematics; Number; Shape; Space and Measure; Data Handling are taught so that they can be used in practical situations, where appropriate. Problem solving and investigational tasks also provide opportunities for children to apply their mathematical skills.

The school carefully follows the structure of the National Curriculum for Mathematics and places great emphasis on mental maths and calculation strategies. We use a range of resource materials to ensure maximum interest, understanding and achievement. Essential resources included in the teaching of mathematics are games, puzzles and computer programs such as Mathletics and TT Rockstars. These help pupils practise and apply their mathematical knowledge. 

Years 3, 4 and 5 follow the Maths Mastery program for Mathemetics.  More information about this approach to the teaching of maths can be found on their website:

To ensure consistency in our approach and progression through our year groups, we base our teaching methods on our Calulations Policy which can be found here:

Deansbrook Junior School Calculations Policy

The progression in calculations using the Maths Mastery approach (as followed by Y3 and Y4) can be found here:

Maths Mastery Progression in Calculations

More information about how we teach maths at Deansbrook can be found in our Maths Policy:

Maths Policy