At Deansbrook Junior School, we want all learners to enjoy and succeed in mathematics.  We want learners to think beyond what is tested in national examinations and to be equipped with an understanding of mathematics that will be relevant and useful in their future studies and/or in the world of work.  We follow the Mathematics Mastery programme which has been designed to provide learners with a deep conceptual understanding of mathematical principles, the ability to confidently communicate in precise mathematical language, while becoming mathematical thinkers.  We deliver the programme with the confidence in the knowledge that if a student understands the core principles, they will be able to remember more and do more maths, in whatever context they encounter it.

To ensure consistency in our approach and progression through our year groups, we base our teaching methods on our Calculations Policy which can be found here:

Deansbrook Junior School Calculations Policy

For more information about how we teach maths, why we teach it in this way, and what we hope to achieve can be found here:

Our Curriculum: Intent, Implementation and Impact

To see what is taught and when, click on the Curriculum Maps below:

Curriculum Map - Year 3

Curriculum Map - Year 4

Curriculum Map - Year 5

Curriculum Map - Year 6